About Me

Hi there, I'm a web and software developer living in New York City with my wonderful wife Marci.

I grew up in Cleveland, OH, and I still wear my Great Lakes pride proudly. I also spent eight-plus years in Boston, MA, though, so I'll probably always be a member of Red Sox Nation.

So let's see, my earliest computing experience I can recall was in the third grade in 1983, when I went over to a friend's house after school and Telnetted into the public library. Of course I had just seen War Games a few years previous, and this friend had me fully convinced we were hacking into a secret government database, and I was totally sure the police were going to knock down his doors any minute and we'd both be arrested.

But I shook my fear of computers shortly thereafter, and learned Basic in 1985. I was excused from class very afternoon so I could run to the library and work on a "Learn the State Capitals" program every afternoon. I think this cemented my love of computing, which was probably trumped only by my love of getting out of class!

From there it was onto spending hours on the Commodore 64 in my older brother's room, making full user of the hours he was away at afterschool sports playing games and learning how to do more programming. I was especially proud of the crossword puzzle generator I made, but let's be honest, I was probably more fascinated with the wonderful, mysterious stash of unlabeled 5-1/2" floppies given to me my dad's friend. Ah, the days of load "*", 8, 1.

I got my first official email account as a freshman at the University of Rochester in 1992, and with it came access to my first Unix shell account. I had a great time teaching myself simple commands and scripts, feeling like I was entering some magic realm of geekery, though most of the time I just used it to save on long distance telephone bills and "chat" with my friends at other colleges.

It was in 1995, as part my engineering coursework, that I was exposed to Fortran, learning how to approximate integrals with algorithmic numerical analysis. I couldn't believe how fast the hours flew by down in the basement computer lab in the mechanical engineering building, and how naturally it all came to me. I was hooked. Though I finished my undergraduate studies with a B.S. in Optics, if I'd been paying attention I would've known that my future was in programming.

While working as an optical engineer in the late 1990s at Adaptive Optics Associates in Cambridge, MA, I took night classes at Boston University. It was there that I learned C++, and as a bonus I got to study data structures, discrete math, networks, databases, operating systems theory, and more.

I took that newfound knowledge and ran with it, leaving the world of optics behind. In 2000 took a job at Parametric Technology, working on the Pro/Engineer CAD/CAM/CAE suite, learning to write C code with a team of other developers. I worked there for six years, developing my knowledge of process-oriented development, bug fixing, unit & regression testing, and integration.

Eventually, though, armed with a new found enjoyment of web programming in C# on ASP.Net, I fled the city. In 2006 I moved to Brooklyn, and began work at Fusebox, to be a part of the world of interactive client services, building web site and web technology.

As a matter of course, I learned PHP on the job, which shortly thereafter led to learning Drupal. I built my first Drupal 4.7 site in 2007, was thrilled when Drupal 5 came out and made my life easier, and practically cried tears of happiness when Drupal 6 improved upon that. I'm looking forward to seeing what Drupal 7 has to offer.

I worked at Fusebox for a little more than five years, where I continued developing in .Net with an emphasis on web services, building sites in Drupal, and learning about client services.

In June of 2011 I joined Control Group as a Senior Web Developer, where I am thrilled to be surrounded by geeks doing cool stuff with technology. At the moment I'm getting deeper and deeper into the Yii Framework, and seeing all the cool stuff it can be used for.

As the interactive landscape continues to be more competitive and service-oriented, I have also become more engaged in client strategy, planning, service, and support. Feel free to click on the work section to see some examples and case studies of projects I have worked on, and please feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat.

Who knows what the future will bring?