Flag Burner? Not Me

If you're visiting this site to learn more about the embattled would-be flag burner at LSU, I'm sorry to say that I'm not your guy, I just merely share a name with him. I support the young man's right to free speech, but the truth is I don't know enough about the facts of this case to make a statement one way or the other. I just know that I could never grow a beard as bushy or impressive as his. I haven't even been to Louisiana since that New Orleans visit way back in 1999, the one where the street psychic told me and my at-the-time girlfriend that we were destined for a happy marriage and many kids. Oops.


Had a hard time figuring it out

I knew you at UR, was in the (electrical) engineering program and we met during freshman orientation with a common appreciation for the Misfits. When I saw the story about the flag burner, the name was so familiar, and with all his facial hair I couldnt tell at all if that was you! haha. I was quite surprised that you took an about face from Optics to poetry. But alas it was not you, but it did land me here at this page. I wonder how much hate mail you are receiving. All the best

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