Using Apache's mod_rewrite for Maintaining Advanced and Classic Mobile Websites

These days it's not enough to just have a single mobile website. With fragmentation of handheld devices, operating systems, and browsers, your site's visitors have a wider range of a viewing capabilities than ever. My HTC Incredible for example, running Android 2.2, delivers a much richer browsing experience than my old BlackBerry Curve (you know the one - everyone used to have it in the pre-iPhone days - it's the one everyone was playing BrickBreaker on while riding the subway). To be truly considerate of your site's visitors, you should have a feature-rich "advanced" mobile site for advanced handhelds (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), and a simpler, more text-centric "classic" site for older handhelds. The challenge, then, is how to route users to the appropriate site without annoying them. This is where Apache's .htaccess and mod_rewrite come in handy.

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