A Short Trip to New Orleans

Marci and I traveled to New Orleans recently, possibly our last chance for travel for some time! Check out some photos....

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Making Candied Citrus Peel

Disclaimer: I'm not really into the December holidays. We had quiet Hannukah celebrations growing up and I was always turned off by Christmas displays. Probably has something to do with being raised in a mostly Jewish suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. My wife, though, had a much different upbringing (ask me about it someday). She loves the holiday traditions and embraces the season, so I've become accustomed to having both menorahs and a Christmas tree in the apartment. Slowly and begrudgingly I've found peace with all these festivities. I still cringe when the George Michael, Annie Lennox, and Mariah Carey come on the stereo, but on the other hand I do love me some Yule Log dvd.

One tradition that I can definitely get behind, though, is the exchange of holiday kitchen creations. There's nothing like Susan & Diane's exquisitely packaged cookie box, or Amorette & Elizabeth's winter homebrew and homemade bitters. As much as I'd love to just sit back and let the treats roll in, I knew I had to up the ante and create something of my own. Since I don't have years of kitchen experience like a lot of my friends, I decided to start with something simple: candied citrus peel. You can get a pleasing variety of colors, you can pack 'em up into little gift bags, and unless you really botch a step they're really hard to fuck up.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden, May 2011

Marci and I made our inaugural trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as members this past Saturday, just in time to view the lilacs in full bloom.

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