My Work

Here you'll find descriptions of several projects I worked on over the past few years. This page contains just a brief overview of the projects, but please feel free to contact me if you'd like to learn more about my work. Except where noted, this work was all completed with a fantastic team during my tenure as a developer at Fusebox.

Discover Bank Web Site and Affiliates

These are a series of pages & mini-sites that display Discover Bank investment product rates and advertising copy. I built the first set in C# on top of ASP.Net, and then additional sets in pure html/javascript sites for when server-side processing is not an option. Each site presents unique scenarios for displaying instrument rates, competitor rate data, and associated text disclaimers. I was careful to ensure consistent parameter pass-through from original traffic source to final destination, and included thorough click tracking the whole way.

Discover Bank Mobile Site

Discover Bank enlisted our help for designing and building their mobile-optimized site, and this is the result. I used some of the lessons described here to create different experiences: an "advanced" version for modern mobile devices and a "classic" version for older mobile devices. The advanced version is built from pure html and javascript (including jQuery) whereas the classic version doesn't even have javascript (for all you folks out there still rocking the Motorola Razr!).

Chardan Capital Markets

Working from templates, design, and strategy provided by the creative team, I built a visually engaging Drupal site for a small but growing investment firm who was seeking to expand its web presence. This site makes heavy use of custom content types and the Views module for displaying the firm's financial transactions. I used carefully-designed roles so that site editors could easily add daily transaction and research content without being burdened by larger site management tasks.

CurrentTV Ad Sales

CurrentTV wanted a website to showcase their on-air content. In addition, they wanted to highlight advertisement opportunities, case studies, and viewer demographics. Administrators needed to be able to add & remove shows, video clips, and logos on a quarterly basis without knowing how to write html. Our team chose Drupal for this site, leveraging it's ease of creating custom content types to handle these needs.

Carver & Cooke TradeDAQ

This is a hybrid Drupal/Flex site I assisted in building for an investment research company. This is one of the more interesting sites I have worked on — I programmed a Drupal back end for entering and storing research items, and set up Drupal services for delivering this content. Then, a partner developed a Flex interface for consuming and displaying this content. This required quite a bit of iterative work and close coordination on both our parts.


Though it unfortunately has evolved in a different direction since I originally built it, LockerBlogger was my first attempt at using Drupal to build a social networking site. The client wanted to create a blogging platform and community to connect athletes and their fans, and consisted of highly personalized individual pages, quick "Facebook-like" status updates, blog posts, and photo & video galleries.

Grapplers Quest

My first significant freelance project, I worked with a NYC-area Grappling promoter and enthusiast to build a community-oriented web site to help grow his business and brand. As part of an ongoing relationship, I've helped him adapt the site to his changing needs. With integrated e-commerce & reporting tools, online event registration, and frequently updated content, he has been able to streamline his processes, market directly to his fan base, and increase sales and interest.

BET Foundation

I created a small community site in Drupal for Networks, to manage their public service outreach program content. I was able to use leverage a bit of experience and custom code from previous projects, which made for quick site development. The biggest challenge with this site was providing the client with tools to create and manage form submissions.

ESPN Showcase

I constructed a simple but powerful Drupal site for ESPN, for showcasing media buys on ESPN's primary public web site to prospective ad buyers. This site required moderate use of custom content types and theming, but the real engine for this site is Apache Solr Search for faceted browsing.

MTV Tr3s Trade Site

MTV Tr3s launched in 2006, a new television channel from MTV Networks focusing on the bi-cultural Latin-American youth market. To accompany their site's first year of broadcasting, they requested a customized content management system for highlighting their new station's content, for pitching to ad sales representatives and affiliates alike. This was my first opportunity to build a large-scale Drupal site.

A.B. Smeby Bittering Co.

As someone who happily partakes in New York City's epicurean offerings and also has a wife in the restaurant business, I meet lots of dynamic, creative people whose skills are not at all similar to mine. One such person is Louis Smeby, who handcrafts his own bitters in his spare time. With this freelance project I assisted him in developing an online presence to help him build up his brand and get the word out about his amazing product.